MA in European Mission and Intercultural Christianity

Europe Today
Europe is perhaps the greatest challenge in mission today. Whilst the churches of the Global South continue to grow, Europe remains “the exceptional case” where secularity appears to be triumphing over religiosity at every turn. To engage in Christian mission in the diverse, complex and intercultural Europe of today will require innovative thinking which relates the eternal unchanging truths of the gospel to the contextual realities of our continent.

Redcliffe’s unique MA in European Mission and Intercultural Christianity can help you to do that. Whether you are a field missionary wanting to reflect on your current practice or someone who wishes to prepare themselves better before engaging in European mission for the first time, this programme combines the study of mission in Europe, with an exploration of the way that past and current cultural influences shape contemporary Christian mission.

The MA is available in full-time, part-time or flexible learning modes to enable students to continue in ministry whilst they study if they so wish. Students complete four modules in total—two compulsory modules and up to two core modules or one core and one optional module. The MA will conclude with a dissertation which will be expected to have a European focus or application.

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Compulsory Modules
Method and Content in Missiological Study: Develop your competence in research methods at postgraduate level and gain an overview of Missiology.

Crucial Issues for European Mission and Theology: Get a deeper understanding of the European context, through a consideration of the diversity of European identities and their impact on mission in Europe. Topics include: European identity projects, secularization, new religious movements, Islam, and migration.

Core modules
Intercultural Christianity and the European Regions: Build on your understanding by considering the regional characteristics of Europe and how each particular cultural context might influence intercultural Christianity.

The Practice of Mission in European Contexts: Explore current practices and innovations in European mission and evangelism and equip yourself to engage in your own reflective practice in the future.

Optional Modules (one of these may be substituted for a core module)
Bible Engagement in Intercultural Contexts
The Mission of the Church in the Context of Post-colonialism and Globalisation
An Introduction to Global Leadership
Just mission: Justice Issues in Intercultural Contexts
Independent Study Module

The MA in European Mission and Intercultural Christianity is one of six Redcliffe MAs that are validated by the University of Gloucestershire. The other postgraduate programmes are MA in Global Issues in ContemporaryMission, MA in Global Leadership in Intercultural Contexts, MA in Intercultural Studies in Asian Contexts, MA in Member Care and MA in Bible and Mission.

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